Pandemic! The Simplified Hiring And Zenardy

Pandemic, scurry everywhere! Businesses are reopening but still the focus is towards remote facilitation.

So, a million-dollar question is “How to continue the hiring process during these precarious situations?” Many organizations redesigned their policies that fit in remote working and culture change. Hiring has become crux in this situation, while organizations are busy in adapting to the new changes.

Let us Start Hiring

  • Everyone knows how to do interviews, especially, video interviews using conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, skype etc. You must just send a link to the candidate, and he/she joins in the conference. Easy right!
  • Of course, the aforesaid video interviewing looks easy, but employees must be trained for this. They should not just consider this as an alternative for the Face-to-Face interview but in fact just like those interviews. The interviewers should adhere to the decorum that follows the conduct and culture of your organization. Every employee is an ambassador of your organization, remember!
  • Usually around 10-20% of the positions are closed through internal references from the employees. During this precarious ambience, the value of references is amplified. This area of hiring is one such important thing that recruiters should not ignore as it can add lot of value to the organization, existing employees, and the prospective employees.
  • It is better to approach the internal employees before scouting for Talent outside to fulfil the position. Internal employees provide lot of hidden data and pulse of prospective job seekers. You must approach them and value their inputs.

While the list of check points on hiring goes on, there are new developments to hire remotely. This might look very fatigued sometimes, so we at Zenardy, not only decipher your challenges but know how to solve them. We are ready to supplement your organization needs effectively to arrest the hiring predicaments in this pandemic situation.

We are here to hear and fulfil your requirements. To know more about our services, please pick your phone now and contact Zenardy.