Zenardy – Increase performance of your Virtual Work Force

Many companies moved to remote working. Irrespective of the pandemic, companies are now looking towards remote options in the future. Companies such as Citi, Face book, Twitter and others have permitted their employees to work from home until mid-next year or permanently. The conceptof working from one location is slowly vanishing. A once talked about specification on relocation while hiring has mellowed down as virtual office or home office has become rife. So, it is logical to invest time, money, and few strategic ideas to make home office a better experience for employees and a productive engagement model for the employer.

When you hire new employees, you should arrange the required infrastructure to the employee to expedite him with a cosy work from home experience.

  1. Arranging laptop for the employee appears to beis one simple thing, isn’t it? what about the additional accessories and features that must be taken care of. You also need to provide a proper VPN for remote access, equip the laptop with the right security and productive tools and finally assist the employee with secured mobile management service and onboarding.
  2. Remote work requires broadband, technical support and most of all the employee’s ability to adapt to the new work style and perform. For employers Remote performance tracking is different to direct tracking. When you hire a permanent employee and are unable to extract the expected performance in this remote workstyle, then it will be a real spectre for the organization, clients, and other employees.

Zenardy has the capability to provide contractors, freelancers from anywhere in the US to the required work force that are not only efficient, but diligent. We can corroborate on your requirements and bring-in the best talent to match the technical excellence you strive in you work-place through this remote work force. We will engage the best-in-class freelancers, contractors or even permanent employees who are true to their acumen.

Just 10 minutes of your precious time and our experienced ‘Zenardian’ is ready to corroborate on your needs, let’s bring them onboard!